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Data Sheets

Since 1919, Larsen & Shaw has provided customers with quality hinge solutions for their hinging challenges. When it comes to hinges, quality is found deep within the details of tolerances, finishes and function of the product. Larsen & Shaw takes great care in examining the details. Contact us today with your hinge challenge.

Aluminum hinges provide light-weight corrosion resistant solution for your hinge application. These hinges are commonly used in marine applications and other areas where the environment contains moisture, such as recreational vehicles, shower doors, and truck tool boxes. 

 Butt-Hinges-Datasheet  We supply butt hinges for both the woodworking and the metalworking industries. Our hinges are commonly found on lockers, enclosures, medical or laboratory furniture as well as wooden furniture and caskets. 

Custom-Hinges-Datasheet  Custom hinge designs have become our specialty.

Customization available: 
length, width, pierce pattern, form, swage, imprint, emboss, trim, notch, lance, plated, painted, anodized or brushed finishes, packaging and/or labelling.

*Cleaning Available 

PermAlign-Hinges-Datasheet  Creative solution to the common problem of doors and gates that sag; PermAlign hinges make the overall system 90% stronger than conventional strap & tee hinges. These hinges also allow quick and easy installation since they instantly and permanently align themselves with the points of attachment on multiple surfaces.

Strap-and-Tee-Hinges-Datasheet  Strap & tee hinges are a solid and versatile solution to many hinging needs around your customer's home, cottage, business or farm. Although designed for rugged service, they can be finished to provide an attractive appearance for residential applications.

 Plated-Hinges-Datasheet  Decorative plated hinges are suitable for interior applications such as furniture, cabinets, and appliances. Zinc plated hinges are suitable for applications where some corrosion protection is required as a lower-cost alternative to stainless steel or aluminum.

Stainless-Steel-Hinges-Datasheet  For your marine, emergency vehicle, tonneau cover, truck toolbox or where corrosion resistance and longevity are key requirements along with aesthetics we recommend our stainless steel hinges 

Steel-Hinges-Datasheet  Continuous hinges are the most versatile and cost effective hinge as they are easily modified for specific applications. From small metal boxes to heavy vehicles, we have a hinge that will suit your application.