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Decorative Plated Hinges

Due to their more attractive appearance, decorative plated hinges are ideal for functions where the hinge will remain visible and are, therefore, suitable for a variety of interior applications, such as furniture and cabinets. Our decorative plated hinges come in a variety of finishes.  In addition to nickel and brass, other finishes include electro-black, statuary bronze and antique brass.

In-house automated plating systems provide the highest quality post-plated finishes in the industry. Due to the fact that we plate our products after they have been manufactured, our line of decorative plated hinges possesses no raw edges or machine oil providing a superior finish to that of a pre-plated hinge. Scroll down for a complete listing of our decorative plated hinge options or contact Larsen & Shaw for more information about any of our premium hinge products.

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